About Us


To empower students, youth, young adults, teachers and parents irrespective of caste and creed:

  •   “with a balanced spiritual vision of the world” in the place of materialism;
  •   with a “concern for and sensitivity to others” in the face of exploitation,
  •   to cultivate “simplicity of life” in the face of consumerism;
  •   to project and protect “environment (nature)” as something beyond economic valuation

This can be achieved by educating persons in disease-free body, stress-free mind, and inhibition-free intellect and by cultivating desirable human habits and spiritual values to d evelop a positive mindset.

According to Pope Francis, “Education or formation is not a watch dog but rather an artisanal craft”“The Pillars of Education are:

  •   Transmitting knowledge
  •   Transmitting morals
  •   Transmitting values

by these means convictions and culture are cultivated in schools and colleges”. “The Educator must measure up to those he/she educates and must give careful thought to and how to proclaim and witness desirable human and spiritual values to a changing generation.”

“The greatest invention in the world is the mind of a child.”
– Thomas Edison

What We Do

George Bernard Shaw said “ You see things and say why?, but I dream of things that never were and I say , why not?” Doing things in a routine way is normal and everyone does it, but thinking and doing something out of the common way is creativity and innovation.

MPCE-CoE programs are designed for students, teachers, principals, and parents from the inexperienced to the experienced. It provides quality tips, tools and proven practices from experts in Education, Psychology, Counseling, Design-thinking, and Problem solving, to meet the demands of today’s high-performing and developing schools. Students are the key stakeholders in this program.

Problem solving requires a mind-set which helps and drives people to bring out the best in themselves and to shape their environment in a positive way. For one to have a problem solving mind-set, he/she must design the way he/she thinks in order to broaden and organize the thinking about a problem or a challenging issue. Then solutions become clearer, leading to clarity in thinking and solving problem.

Inauguration of MPCE-CoE


In his inaugural address Rev .Bro Rene Delorme, Superior General Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel stressed that “this center’s mission will be to give listening ears and helping hand” to all those who come here with difficulties in life.”

He further added that “Educational excellence” involves exploring hidden talents and abilities of people and see possibilities in life not only for oneself but also for others, specially the marginalized with appropriate helping tools.

This pioneering venture is an initiative of Dr. Thomas V Luckose fsg, who believes that the edifice of integral development of a person is in striving for excellence, and his/her capacity to contribute to the welfare of human society and environment.