New Year 2018 Message

New Year 2018 Message for and Greetings to Teachers and Parents  

Every New Year is the perfect time to appreciate all the little things teachers do for their students guiding them gently for a better future.

A teacher who has always been kind at heart, helpful by nature, empathetic in approach and fun to be with, nothing short of the very best is appropriate for any student to have in this New Year.

As the teacher makes the darkness of soul disappear by imparting light of knowledge, may all darkness fade away from her/his life this New Year and fill it up with the brilliant light of positivity and motivation.

All year long teachers endured all the troubles students gave with patience, always greeting them with a smile.

A teacher never forces his/her views upon students, they always guide students and leave them to make the choices on their own.

As the New Year approaches students should show their respect and gratitude to their teacher who has always been their pillar of strength, the epitome of willpower and symbol of character and integrity.

Every student and parent should thank this New Year  for their teachers like… “dear teacher, thank you for all the efforts you put in to shape our future even when we keep on letting our minds wander here and there”.

New Year is the best time to express how grateful you are to your dear teacher for always having faith in you even when your belief flickered.

In This New Year it is our duty not just to thank and wish our family, relatives, friends, and movie stars but also the teachers who shaped us inside out and bringing out the best in us, for knowing our abilities to the best and guiding us accordingly.

Thomas. V. Luckose, fsg., Ph.D.

Psychological couselor & ‘Train the Trainer’ Program Co-ordinator

Montfortian Psychological Counselling and Educational Centre of Excellence (MPCE-CoE)Team

(M T I & Montfort Matriculation H S School Campus)

1/35, North Parade Road, St. Thomas Mount,

Chennai 600 016.

“Give the best you have & It will never be enough; give your best anyway”

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