Teacher Empowerment Program

Observations on “Teacher Empowerment Program”

“I found the programme for empowering teachers by Dr. Thomas V Luckose and Suresh Joseph CRP, CPT, thoughtfully” organised based on the needs of the teachers. Teachers were encouraged to share their expectations about the programme. It was highly appreciable to state that expectation of every teacher was focused and addressed in the programme.

The characteristics of new millennial students were presented vividly through power points. It made the participant teachers to feel empathetic to address the issues they come across in their professional endeavours. The session on different types of intelligences and learning styles was very informative; it actually visualised the concept of Howard Gardner’s ‘Multiple Intelligences’ with examples from day to day activities.

The video presentation about the Parental care and love enthralled the elite audience which was supported by meaningful song on the realities of life.

The afternoon session engaged all the participants with the hands on experience on team building. Various activities were performed with the motive of transforming the teachers from a knowledge provider to an enthusiastic gurus.

The programme also detailed the techniques of counseling through an impressive brain storming technique. Every idea suggested in the programme of MPCE-CoE to become an effective teacher was supported with impressive strategies. The programme gave the teachers a strong sense of direction.

Senior Lecturer – District Institute of Education and Training, Lady Willingdon College Campus, Triplicane, Chennai 600 005. – 13th February 2014

“Dear Dr. Bro. Thomas V. Luckose,
Your laudable venture of animating teachers will certainly invigorate the spirits and pedagogy of modern teachers”

Fr. S. Arulappan, M.A, M.Ed
Secretary: Commission for Education (TNBC) 25 Rosary Church Road, Santhome, Chennai-600004, South India

Basic Concepts and Practices in Psychological Counseling

  •  Counseling is a scientific process that enables a person to sort out Issues/Problems and reach Decisions/Solutions affecting his/her life.
  •  Counseling is “one to one “ interview process where the counselor (service giver) facilitates the client (service receiver)
    to discover his/her own solution to problems.
  •  A counseling process is communication between and counselor and counselee (client) to bring out
    SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) of the latter to take a decision.

Objective (goal) of counseling is to bring about a voluntary change in the individual

What is not counseling

  •  Counseling is not advising
  •  Counseling is not taking decision on behalf of the client
  •  Counseling is not even giving solution to client’s problem

Counseling relationships in modern society

  •  Parents counseling children
  •  Teacher counseling students
  •  Manager counseling subordinates, etc.,

What is counselling for?

  •   Confidential sharing of problems/issues to find solutions
  •   Sharing problems/issues to receive support.
  •  Talking things out to find emotional relief, peace of mind.
  •  Increasing concentration and greater purposefulness in life


  •  Reassurance
  •  Information giving
  •  Case history
  •  Questioning
  •  Self test(assessment)
  •  Psychometric tools
  •  Online Counseling

Teachers’/ parents’ role in Counselling

  •  Wise time- management in school to have time for counseling and consultation.
  •  Be open to students to be seen as a trust worthy friend.
  •  Listen intently to their issues/problems
  •  Non judgmental listening gives assurance to students.
  •  Avoid criticizing the person/situation so as not to feel intimidated.
  •  Recognize the feeling of the student, no criticism/no advice.
  •  Avoid giving hasty advice and quick fix solutions.
  •  After listening ask empathetic questions.
  •  Empathetic responses will help to solve problems and make student more confident & solve issues independently.

Growing up Messages to today’s Children

  •  “You are special”
  •  “Be smart”
  •  “Achieve now”

Today’s Children’s Expectations

  •  “Teach me and I will forget”
  •  “Show me and I will learn”
  •  “Involve me and I will understand”
  •  “Let us do it, instead of Do it.”

Absolute “No, No” in front of kids

  •  Fighting and arguing
  •  Getting cozy.
  •  Cursing/swearing
  •  Watching violence and nudity on screen
  •  Drinking/Smoking
  •  Lying

Ways of Raising kids’ Self-Esteem.

  •  Be proud of them
  •  Praise them.
  •  Focus on their strengths.
  •  Show them special attention.
  •  Respect their opinions.
  •  Dine Without Whine

Nuggets of Wisdom?

“If one day your mom and dad can’t stand well or can’t evenwalk properly, please hold on tightly to their hands, to accompany them slowly……. Just like they are holding yours when you were young.”

Once a wise man asked God, “What is the meaning of life? God replied, “ Life itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity to create a meaning”

Our idea of education

Many children are drop-outs or just under-schooled and their destiny is tragic.
What they need is some skill development
so that they become productive citizens and not antisocial elements.
Give a serious thought to the education schools give.

“Chennai’s Rains and flood havocs of the Century !”

People stand on a flooded road in Chennai, December 2, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer

People stand on a flooded road in Chennai, December 2, 2015.

How can we make the year 2016 Positive and Optimistic?

Firstly, No matter what happens in your life, don’t get defeated, respond in a constructive way, take a deep breath, relax and look for whatever good the situation may contain. When you plan in advance, you mentally equip to face challenges when things go wrong, as they will for sure.

Secondly, Speak to yourself positively all the time, to get rid of negative thoughts or emotions. There is a law of expression which says “whatever is expressed is impressed, so whatever you say to yourself or others is impressed deeply into your subconscious mind and becomes part of your personality.

Thirdly, Look upon your setbacks as being temporary, as an opportunity to improve yourself, don’t keep thinking about it, welcome setbacks as learning opportunity, refuse to see setbacks as permanent or indicative of personal incompetence of inability.

Fourthly, Without adversity and difficulties, it is impossible to learn and grow and become a successful person. For you to become a better person you must rise above them, welcome each difficulty by saying “That’s good!” and look into the situation to find the good in it.

Fifthly, Keep your thoughts on your goals and dreams, be cheerful and pleasant, resist every temptation toward negativity and disappointment, view them as opportunity to grow stronger in a positive and optimistic way.

The starting point in the process of becoming a highly effective student/teacher/parent is to monitor and control your self-talk every minute of the day by keeping your thoughts, your words positive, consistent with your goals. Keep your mind focused on what you want to do and the person you want to be.

We at Montfortian Psychological Counseling and Educational Center of Excellence wish students, teachers, parents, and the heads of the institutions a very happy, successful and a positive new year.



Think It Over…

“Management, Teachers and Parents are to be convinced that education is good in itself and academic work is a lifelong pleasure.”
“Quality education” is involvement and participation of teachers and parents”
“Encouragement is the excelsior of life”


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