Upcoming Programs


  •  Mind Gym Toolkit for students to do well in exams.
  •  How to be good at subjects which students dislike.
  • How to remember what you study, and recall them quickly without stress?..and more….
  • Why teachers teach but kids not learn.
  • The power of student driven learning.


  •  Psychological & emotional needs and wellbeing of students.
  •  Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) Strategies
  •  Positive teacher feedback to students and students’ feedback to teachers.
  • Role of parents, teachers and school in the life of a child.
  • Teacher and a positive classroom atmosphere.
  • Creative and innovative Teacher.
  • How to help students excel in studies and how to help the slow learners.
  • Design thinking for 21st century educators and live problem solving.
  • How can teachers strive to become enthusiastic educators.
  • Teachers’ role as counselors to students.
  • Effective teacher-to-teacher communiction.
  • Dealing with school problems in a collaborative manner.
  • Conflict resolution and relationship building.


  •   How to guide / train your children to study well withour stress?
  •   How to guide / train your children to study subjects they are weak in?
  •   How to keep them focused to the subjects?
  • How to have a counselor’s mindset?
  • Emotion coaching for parents: helping children learn to regulate their emotions.
  • Different Approaches to Learning at Home.
  • How to approach S.T.E.A.M.-(Science / Technology / Technology / Engineering / Arts / Math)
Brochure for Students, Parents and Teachers
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